Unknown Pleasure shirt

Unknown Pleasure shirt

I’m a veteran. I’ll always remove my hat, face the Unknown Pleasure shirt and stand for the Anthem. However, it’s their right to sit, kneel, stand or do whatever they see fit in order to peacefully protest injustice. It’s never a signal of disrespect against our Military. It’s a signal of protest of what goes on in our big cities and how Trump has done zero about it if not made it so much worse. My dad is a Vietnam vet, and he wholeheartedly supports these players’ right to protest in this way. He believes that is why he fought, not to force people into false patriotism. My dad took injuries in the war and suffers from PTSD. He’s a real patriot. Yelling about NFL players kneeling doesn’t make you a patriot.

Unknown Pleasure shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Unknown Pleasure tank top
tank top
Unknown Pleasure ladies shirt
ladies shirt

We have a draft dodging President in bed with Russia and you clowns are crying about NFL players kneeling during the anthem. Ignore the fact that the Unknown Pleasure shirt is being sold out as you cry about kneeling.  where standing for the anthem is not obligatory, and objecting to injustice is not punishable.Cry babies in support of a draft dodging traitor. How despicable.

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Unknown Pleasure sweater

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