Simpsons Eat Pant Shirt

Simpsons Eat Pant Shirt

I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by saying this. I think they need to realize by me saying Thank You for your service. To me it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do . You signed up that’s what counts. You were or are there for your country and we are so proud of you. Thats what you need Simpsons Eat Pant Shirt to know and hear when we thank you. To us you have made a major decision that effects your whole life. From this military mom.

Simpsons Eat Pant Shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Simpsons Eat Pant tank top
tank top
Simpsons Eat Pant ladies Shirt
ladies Shirt

I usually respond with ” It was an honor to serve my country”. If they respond I try to encourage their conversation. I know they probably have many questions and don’t know where to start or if they even should.I didn’t serve in the Marines for anyone’s gratitude. It was my duty and obligation for all that I’ve been given as an American Citizen. I love the Corps and the United States of America.

Simpsons Eat Pant hoodie
Simpsons Eat Pant sweater

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