Roman fight Leukemia shirt

Roman fight Leukemia Ladies

The Roman range this is Donald a fan of yours I can’t believe you won the belt I’m so proud of you that’s a beautiful belt take care with it keep it don’t give it away love you always your friend. Why is the Roman fight Leukemia shirt of bearded ladies in a circus troop? I mean get some manhood one quits, one can’t handle a triple team and says he is a monster and one can’t handle a demon, then you got girls to tag team Dolph and drew crying all the time! Bring back Batista to teach these guys how to be heels!

Roman fight Leukemia shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Roman fight Leukemia Ladies
Roman fight Leukemia Tank top
Tank top

Like he just got that Universal championship last week and then he wants to defend to Braun Stroman at hell in a cell match. The Roman fight Leukemia shirt is wack strawman still need to have the money in the bank contract because the match didn’t go successful and Roman is still the champ. And it will be a waste as we are not gonna give strawman the title. If Braun strawman is going to challenge roman to a title match then he better start taking classes on endurance and tactics because only his monstrous strength is not going to cut it this time around.

Roman fight Leukemia Sweater
Roman fight Leukemia HoodieRoman fight Leukemia Hoodie

They should just show reruns of stone cold, the Roman fight Leukemia shirt and triple h instead of this. Roman is a wrestler that quit and keeps on till he gets what he wants and he never needs help to him like other wrestlers that they need to cheat to get what they need my eyes are hurting because I can t see you. my forms are empty because I cant gold you, my lips are cold because I can’t kiss you, my heart is broken because I m not with you.

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