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Hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure they are rethinking it as well. Sounds like a freak occurrence but it definitely could happen again. They’ve invested lots of Unc tykes shirt for those zebras to reproduce in the name of conservation. I worked with zebra and many other exotic animals and I could give them several tips on how to make their exhibit safer, does 30 years experience as general curator of large wildlife drive through to make an expert.

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Folowell well if you actually have experience and knowledge in the Unc tykes shirt then, of course, your opinion is more valid than the vast majority of the people who comment that don’t have any idea. As someone who’s raised large animals my entire life, they do need a better place for mares to foal in.

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Unc tykes sweater


Unc tykes hoodie


That’s basic Unc tykes shirt management. Obviously, they didn’t expect this to happen but had they of had a paddock to put pregnant mares that are close to foaling they wouldn’t have had this issue at all.


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