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Why don’t you take your own advice and just read my comment and move on since you don’t like it? Don’t care for what I have to say? Guess what, the feeling is mutual for me so we’re both up a Baby Groot hug unicorn shirt without a paddle I reckon.

Baby Groot hug unicorn shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Baby Groot hug unicorn ladies tee

Ladies tee

Baby Groot hug unicorn long sleeve

Long sleeve

And without zoos, there would be unprotected wild like and if poachers or humans managed to kill them off the Baby Groot hug unicorn shirt would die out. and it’s nice to see the wildlife otherwise we would have to travel clear to Africa or other places. Like they know when the baby is going to be born! Can’t keep mum in segregation from the herd awaiting it! Actually, equines do tend to birth near water.

Baby Groot hug unicorn hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Baby Groot hug unicorn sweater


Baby Groot hug unicorn hoodie


Some even accidentally deposit the unfortunate baby IN the Baby Groot hug unicorn shirt! This little one sure was lucky to have humans nearby to fish it out. Linda Clark-Evans the thing is if you put an equid solitary confinement while giving birth you take away that herd structure and protection that they need.


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