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I realize that he’s fucked up on something and maybe just lost but I also don’t want to aggravate him if he has a weapon or something. So then he realizes his Avenger Friends shirt and starts asking what I’m doing… So I take advantage of his cofusion and just start yelling. “Get the fuck out here man! Get the fuck out of my room!

Avenger Friends shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Avenger Friends ladies tee

Ladies tee

Avenger Friends youth tee

Youth tee

Just leave!” He stammers and kinda stumbles back and I run and slam/lock the Avenger Friends shirt. Every so often this black cat would come on our property and stare inside the house through our glass door. My cat would let out this pitch curling scream at like 6 AM in the morning.

Avenger Friends hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Avenger Friends sweater


Avenger Friends hoodie


My cat’s scream sounded like a Avenger Friends shirt was being murdered. She wanted to kill him. The sound I’ll never forget and I would have a panic attack every time it would happen and would wonder if a girl was being murdered. My mom actually had threatened the cat to leave because it wouldn’t.


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