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This dream was in October 2018. Weird to be a grown ass man and have this come through. Miss you Medzmama, thank you for visiting me I’ll see you again. I had this dream once where I was in a Adidas venom shirt with a ton of characters from a show I really liked.

Adidas venom shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Adidas venom ladies tee

Ladies tee

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Long sleeve

I had a crush on one of the characters in the Adidas venom shirt, but I spoke a different language from everyone else for the most part, so I was a bit stuck. Eventually, it became revealed that I was this weird outsider who spoke this different language, and the character I had a crush on seemed super bummed. But then one of the other characters revealed to be my childhood friend and tried to help me out.

Adidas venom hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Adidas venom sweater


Adidas venom hoodie


That was when I woke up. I was watching way too much anime that day. I had a dream that seemed so real I believe it happened somewhere or was happening, I was the Adidas venom shirt of a guy in some band, we had a van and they were rehearsing and messing around having fun.


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