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This isn’t an investigation if you aren’t allowed to interview everyone speaking out about Kavanaugh, including Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh himself. What’s going on is a farce! I have to confess that I haven’t been praying for CNN as they’ve become an enemy to the American Patriots! I should be praying that your demon possession is cast out in the My patronus is a Velociraptor shirt! I wonder if its as hard to pray for the enemy for other Christians as it is for me? Yes, background checks based on interviews with a few friends, family, co-workers that YOU recommend. If you have no criminal record, no fingerprint hits, and a good credit history, and the people you recommend to be interviewed don’t throw you under the bus, you’ll do fine.

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My Patronus is a Velociraptor Sweater
My Patronus is a Velociraptor Hoodie
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White House did not have FBI interview Kavanaugh because he would have had to answer all the questions that he evaded about his drinking, etc. at the hearing and if you lie to the FBI see Manafort, Flynn. Since it would look suspicious only having Ford interviewed, they couldn’t have the FBI interview her either although she wanted to be interviewed by the My patronus is a Velociraptor shirt. To be perfectly honest, this is just my opinion, without offending anyone who might think differently. From my point of view, looking at this with a different perspective and without condemning anyone’s view’s or by trying to objectify them, while considering each and every one’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

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