Notorious BEA Arthur shirt

Notorious BEA Arthur shirt

So both I and my wife have stated that he’s one person in front of the cameras and another shirt. I stated once on her podcast that shirt reached out to her originally because she was on the show. Brianna recently stated that he only liked her when the Notorious BEA Arthur shirt were around. He has so many people fooled into thinking he’s a saint but during the course of this shirt I’ve seen through his manipulative and controlling behavior because I’ve personally seen it before.  don’t wish anyone ill especially with a child involved but I’m curious what we’ll hear is the reason this relationship crashes and burns or if it’ll be different since she’s not a celebrity.

Notorious BEA Arthur shirt, ladies and tank top

Notorious BEA Arthur tank top
tank top
Notorious BEA Arthur ladies shirt
ladies shirt

I see how much he wanted Brianna! By now you’d think they all knew how babies are made! Good grief! Don’t care for him anyway. He was probably just as controlling to Notorious BEA Arthur shirt as he was Kail and Bri told him to get lost! I hope they don’t bring his baby mom into the show!

Notorious BEA Arthur hoodie
Notorious BEA Arthur sweater

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