Muppet Science shirt

Muppet Science shirt

Always interesting to see how whites get offended and feel that the Muppet Science shirt are disrespectful to veterans yet these same white people pop fireworks causing vets to have episodes of PTSD and walk past homeless veterans with no cares daily oh the hypocrisy It’s so good to see there are still true Americans out there, who are willing to protest peacefully and silently, and still get their message across, loud and clear. I am sick and tired of you fake Americans who really don’t understand or care to understand what these professional athletes are trying to bring attention to. Take 30 seconds to educate yourself on the history of the national anthem and the NFL before responding.

Muppet Science shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Muppet Science tank top
tank top
Muppet Science ladies shirt
ladies shirt

I’m 55 years old, I’ve never stood at sporting events or anywhere else, I’ve never recited the Muppet Science shirt or sang the anthem. Nobody ever says a word to me about it, yet when African Americans do it people go crazy. Here we ago again with white people trying to divide us by having a problem with free peaceful protest. If their contracts allow it and their union allows it and you dont like it then dont watch.

Muppet Science sweater
Muppet Science hoodie

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