LOC’D Definition shirt

LOC’D Definition shirt

So, love them with selfishness. In return, you will be loved by them. So LOC’D Definition shirt and gentle and kind. Sometimes humans are so cruel. How could you hurt or hunt these magnificent creatures? Thank you for sharing. Made me smile. Probably shouldn’t encourage that.

LOC’D Definition shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

LOC’D Definition ladies tee
Ladies tee
LOC’D Definition youth tee
Youth tee

What happens when they want to do this as fully grown LOC’D Definition shirt? Cute while they’re at a tolerable weight though! If you watch the video many of these animals are with their mothers there is only one when it’s the same people that are with it but have a rope at the beginning and at the end of the video. Thanks, Wiff, didn’t you know that was me you didn’t recognize me? I love that.

LOC’D Definition hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

LOC’D Definition sweater
LOC’D Definition hoodie

I was actually able to bathe elephants and ride them bareback while they were swimming in the water it was wonderful. One of the baby elephants actually blew his LOC’D Definition shirt all over me because I ran out of bananas to feed him he threw a little fit but apparently when a baby elephant blows snot on you it means you are blessed and very special.

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