Happy Halloween Minions shirt

And this is a paid ad, right? Meaning you get money from the Happy Halloween Minions shirt to tell your followers about their products virtue? Because if it is, just hashtagging it as an ad, seems a little lackluster when it comes to transparency with your fans. In testing, they have discovered that Sugarbearhair is actually lacking 10 of the vitamins stated on the ingredients list.  Also, all of the additives and sugar in the gummies have caused symptoms to many people. Sugarbearhair also has too much A-vitamin which causes dizziness, nausea, headaches, joint pain, and heart diseases. Seems like a big price for lush hair. I think it is so sad that instead of positivity and lifting people up, social media has become such a battleground for bullying and negativity. Kandee you look gorgeous, just like your insides. Shine your gorgeous light.

Happy Halloween Minions ladies shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Happy Halloween Minions tank top
tank top
Happy Halloween Minions ladies shirt
ladies shirt

You’re beautiful Kandee, but having a spokesperson who everyone knows wears hair extensions and has false nails is not the way to promote a brand for hair and nail growth. This is a miss for me on this brand. I seen one employee with crazy long hair, I asked how she did it and she told me about them. The Happy Halloween Minions shirt, I can’t afford to get some myself. I do intend to get some when I can though I don’t know if these are available in Aus, I can say that even if they aren’t responsible for hair growth which they may well be, they do have a butt load of biotin in them. Probably more than what a healthy person needs but if you are biotin deficient through thyroid illness or Cushing’s syndrome then these can be used as a booster so it can slow or prevent hair loss and the other effects of low biotin. I might just have to get some.

Happy Halloween Minions sweater
Happy Halloween Minions hoodie

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