Halloween Dog mom shirt

Halloween Dog mom shirt

My hubby used to let our then 9 yo seat in the Halloween Dog mom shirt seat no matter how much I nagged. I finally told him I would never forgive him if she was hurt or killed because he was trying to be a cool dad. Didn’t matter if the accident was 100% not his fault and he could just be prepared for a divorce. That finally worked. He couldn’t even install the seat itself correctly!!! For 5 years and counting! And now that our son is 4 (And by no means big enough to be out of his forward-facing car seat) he put him on a short booster with a regular seat belt. And that isn’t sufficient. He’s ready for the regular belt, but still needs a high backed and taller safety seat.

Halloween Dog mom shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Halloween Dog mom tank top
tank top
Halloween Dog mom ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Too many want to be accusatory, confrontational, and condescending. Believe it or not, it’s not the result of being a “bad parent” that straps aren’t clipped on properly. The Halloween Dog mom shirt is everything. If you would get annoyed by people banging on your door trying to sell you a vacuum, imagine how a stranger on Facebook feels when you publicly tell them they’re endangering their baby. I’ve nagged at my brother about having his smaller 8-year-old in the front seat and he just won’t change his ways. It pisses me off to no end because there is absolutely no valid reason he needs to be in the front seat.

Halloween Dog mom hoodie
Halloween Dog mom sweater

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