The Grinch Ew People shirt

The Grinch Ew People shirt

Collectors edition for these games is kinda pointless in my opinion. When you buy a Grinch Ew People shirt for a game you expect that game to have the longevity to you. This thing will be obsolete next year when the next comes out. General sales are in decline so they need to release overpriced editions for the fanboys to lap up and make up the difference to their profits and allow them to release another reskin next year.

Grinch Ew People shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Grinch Ew People Ladies
Grinch Ew People Tank top
Tank top

I wish people would raise the bar so the developers would have to work harder for their money. You can keep your weed in there what all that other stuff is good for, looks like clearance aisle in a few months. They gonna do this every year then so they make extra few millions. You didn’t have to put the Grinch Ew People shirt of a guy tugging one off on it though. It’s a sad time when you would rather have the collectibles than the game.

Grinch Ew People Sweater
Grinch Ew People Hoodie

You need to do a wallpaper or removable wall sticker. It would be amazing. I’m not doing decals at the moment looks lovely. Good Night and have sound sleep with sweet dreams too! Keep your eyes on my page for other goodies coming out though. Please let me know how I can purchase this scotch. It’s more a bundle than a limited edition. If they were to ever make a Grinch Ew People shirt with a really special/limited edition with say a statue or soundtrack, this would be the game to do it with. The hype is through the roof.

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