FaThor shirt

FaThor shirt

Just stating my opinion, I didn’t see anything out of the FaThor shirt here. Would have been better had she been able to sing it without the song in the background playing. This was very distracting. She really carried that last note lol. She looks like she’s about to burst with all that little girl energy…wish I could bottle up some of that Such a beautiful child,and not spoiled. After Ellen gave her present she thanked her right away. Wonderful job raising this child. And so is every woman on earth: singing (that bad) in secret and thinking she is still the cute girl she once used to be! I enjoy these moments, when children just stay children with all their energy and authenticity! It is how it should be a life long! Simple moments like this one are the best moments in life.

FaThor shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

FaThor tanktop
FaThor ladies shirt
ladies shirt

i don’t want to hurt that little girl’s feeling [nor her family’s] but wow, she is a terrible singer!! terrible! but her enthusiasm was off the charts Definitely a cute little girl kinda looks like a little Shirley Temple.. but the singing was not something worth bringing on to the stage I think it was more her reactions to the FaThor shirt that made her cuteness rise. Still it’s good Ellen gives children hope.

FaThor hoodie
FaThor sweater

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