Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater

Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater

I’ll never forget when we came home to find our tree had fallen in parkland and all of the ornaments were smashed including some of those ballerinas. Ok, the cat is totally innocent in the last video so that means their house is haunted. Everything was great until that horrid emotional child abuse with that woman threatening to hit her child! A little sad whether joking or not to threaten to spank a Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater for a tree falling over when he tried to get a candy cane.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and t-shirt

Dinosaur Christmas Tree Shirt
Dinosaur Christmas Tree Ladies

What help is a baby going to be to pick it up? If you have the proper size base to hold your tree this shouldn’t happen. I haven’t ever had a tree fall over. The cat ones were funny though. My ferret knocked the Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater over so many times one year, it ended up killing the tree and we had to buy a new one and redecorate it. All our ornaments magically fall off or end up in the middle and clustered together right at about height how that happens.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree Hoodie
Dinosaur Christmas Tree Longsleeve

Tie the Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater to the curtain rod brackets or two command hooks on the wall or a basket hook from the ceiling. You’re welcome something to the tree lol because no one will be home to watch him. I loved it when that dude leaped onto the tree, and when the tree fell and all the lights went out. I sure hope those people and animals are okay! And same with those Christmas trees! Poor cat is gonna get the blame and believe it or not he didn’t do it

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