Auntie Saurus Rex shirt

Auntie Saurus Rex shirt

I remember being handed a pirate DVD of Daywalker by a delegate in my class yonks ago. She said “I have something special for you, go and watch this. When I got over the Auntie Saurus Rex shirt and I don’t do pirate stuff and decided to take a peak I couldn’t stop watching, I was hooked. Have bought or downloaded everything you have done since! Thank you to that lady and thank you.

Auntie Saurus Rex shirt, ladies shirt and tank top

Auntie Saurus Rex tank top
tank top
Auntie Saurus Rex ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Well done Trevor. You have worked so hard and have such a knack for observing people and cutting through the nonsense You are an incredibly funny comedian and you deserve all the Auntie Saurus Rex shirt that come your way. As a fellow South African and human being, I am incredibly proud of you. He reminds me of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Sinbad—and so many others who have helped to shape him. I love that he recognizes he stands on the shoulders of them and his blessed, beautiful mother.

Auntie Saurus Rex hoodie
Auntie Saurus Rex sweater

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